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  • Ubytování v Mikulově - Hotel Zámeček


    private and corporate events

We offer: guided wine tasting, regional specialties, rental of archival breastfeeding

In the romantic area of the hotel, including the excellent restaurant, the Moravian Cellar and the lounge, we will be happy to prepare corporate parties, guided tastings, birthdays, and demonstration events for you.

Newly built in the hotel complex (10 m behind the hotel) including the rotunda and archive cubicles.

The entire building of the wine cellar is decorated with a folded royal vault with a total length of 70 meters, including cross ties.

Upon exiting the cellar, an outdoor seating area is prepared for you with a magnificent view of the fairytale panorama of Mikulov, which is dominated by St. The hill, the Mikulov chateau and the limestone peaks of the Pálava.

In the archive cubicles, in the back of the cellar, wine gems from the Moravian region mature, which you can taste during a guided tasting.

    Regional specialties of the Moravian cellar

    We serve regional specialties, smoked directly from the smokehouse, a Moravian cauldron, roasted almonds, Moravian cakes and other appetizers.

    We will be happy to send you a complete list of dishes for the banquet by email and we will also compile a calculation of refreshments according to your ideas.

    Come and see for yourself that if you want to have a nice experience and drink good wine, you must go to the Chateau!