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New Aqualand Moravia Pasohlávky

New aquapark Aqualand Moravia Pasohlávky with unique thermal water is newly opened.

You can enjoy the great attractions, spring, various type sweats room, whirlpool bath and others.

Located cca 10 min by car from Hotel Zámeček.

Make your accommodation by us in time and we will give you 10% discount on entry to aqualand.


platební karty
Český Rozhlas

Mikulov and surroundings

The town of Mikulov offers especially cognition, and virtually all the senses. For many reason to visit the city´s history embodied in architectural monuments, nature lovers and active rest unique natural conditions of the region. For those of you who appreciate good wine, offering local wine tradition.

Historic Square

namesti Mikulov
The natural centre of the town acquired its present appearance in the last decades of 16th century when the square was transferred to the close proximity of the chateau entrance. In the course of the former half of 17th century a number of renaissance houses were built there, most of them preserved nearly unchanged till the present day.

Dietrichstein Sepulchre

Dietrichsteinská hrobka
St. Anne´s Church with imitation of the Holy Cottage of the Italian Loretta was built in the course of the years 1623-1656 in the bottom part of the Mikulov square. On the south-western side of the church there is the funeral chapel of the Dietrichstein family. In early 18th century the church received its two-tower front designed by J.B.Fischer of Erlach.

Opening hours:

- April, September, October: Tuesday-Sunday 10.00 – 12.00, 13.00 – 18.00
- May - August: Monday - Sunday 10.00 – 12.00, 13.00 – 18.00
- November - March: groups of 10 or more people only 

Phone booking at least two days in advance necessary in the Tourist Information Centre of Mikulov.

Mikulov Chateau
Mikulovský zámek
The former Liechtenstein and later Dietrichstein chateau on the rock has been a unique dominant of the Mikulov skyline for centuries. The original governor´s castle was donated by Přemysl Otakar II in 1249 to the Liechtenstein family as the fief. In late 16th century the new owners of the seat, the Dietrichstein family, had the chateau reconstructed to the present appearance after the fire in 1719.

Opening hours:

- April and October: Tuesday - Sunday 9.00 – 16.00
- May - September: Tuesday - Sunday 9.00 – 17.00

Last admission one hour before the closing time. November - March : just for groups of 25 persons or more, phone booking at least two days in advance necessary, phone:+ 420 777 061 230, +420 776 606 133

Jewish cemetery
The large Jewish cemetery in Mikulov is one of the most significant monuments of its kind in the country. The first funerals after the establishment of the local Jewish community date from around mid 15th century. The oldest survived tomb stone dates from 1605. The cemetery was built in three stages. Today it contains around 4 000 tombs. The most valuable and the most frequently visited section in the Rabbis Peak with tombs of Mikulov and Moravian regional rabbis.

Opening hours:

- July - August: Monday - Sunday 10.00-12.00, 13.00-18.00
- other months by arrangement

Galerie EFRAM, Husova 4, tel.: +420 723 329 770
CK Merlin, Kostelní, nám. 2, tel.: +420 519 510 388
TIC Mikulov, Náměstí 1, tel.: +420 519 510 855 

Kozí hrádek (Goat´s Castle)

Kozí hrádekGoat´s Castle is one of the three rocky dominants of the Mikulov skyline. Following the recent landscaping the locality has become a suitable freely accessible recreational centre. Goat´s Castle has always controlled the strategic path connecting Brno and Vienna, thus providing for due protection of the important trading path.

Svatý kopeček (Holy Hill)

Svatý kopeček Holy Hill is another significant natural dominant of Mikulov. For the extensive occurrence of rare plant and animal species the territory has been announced nature reserve. The top of Holy Hill is dominated with St. Sebastian pilgrimage church, a belfry and other sacral objects of the Way of the Cross.


Turold Caves

Jeskyne na TurolduTurold Cave is the largest and the most important cave of the Pálava Hills. The length of all corridors, halls and domes exceeds 1 km. The cave is distinguished with its "Turold-style" decorations and with the largest winter refuge for bats.

Opening hours:

April: Monday - Friday booked tours for groups of 10 or more persons, phone reservation at least 2 days in advance necessary.
May: Tuesday - Sunday 9.00-17.00
June - August: Monday - Sunday 9.00-17.00
September - October: Tuesday - Friday 10.00, 12.00, 14.00, 16.00 hod., Saturday - October 9.00 - 16.00

The last admission one hour before the closing time. Contact phone number: +420 607 202 861, e-mail:
Swimming pool Riviéra Mikulov

Koupaliště Riviéra
Last hour tour of the resort swimming pool located in a beautiful setting overlooking the castle and St. Hill. Visitors have a dipping pool, leisure pool, waterslide for the final pool, paddling pool, a toboggan slide 54 m and water slide 24 m. Possibility of renting storage lockers, beach umbrellas and a bike and bas. The area is close to parking and shopping center Bill. The resort is operated by TEDOS Mikulov, spol. Ltd.

Exhibitions of Viticulture
Vinařská expozice
The new viticulture exposition of the Regional Museum in Mikulov consists of three parts: the Chateau Cellar with the greatest rarity of the museum - the gignt wine cask dating from 1643, the "Traditional Viticulture in Moravia" and finally the gallery of historic worm presses.

Chateau cellar with the remarkable giant barrel, dating from 1643 and belonging to the largest in Europe with its volume of about 1014 hectolitres (135 thousand bottles).

„Traditional viticulture in Moravia“ informs of history of vine growing and wine manufacture and vineyards instruments.

Gallery of Wooden Presses“ introduces examples of historic vine presses from South Moravia and Western Slovakia.

Nature Trail Turold

Naučná stezka Turold The nature trail shows the diversity of the protected landskape area of hills. It starts in the quarry on the north side of Mikulov (right from the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Mikulov) even though its length is only 400 m, 8 information panels are essentially everything about nature and history Palava. Jurassic limestone quarry at the bottom of the route crosse, can be found as fossils of shellfish, corals and brachiopods. The path leads through aligned fracture test portion and can be described as barrier-free.

Wine Trails

Devotees of a healthy lifestyle as the ability to appreciate the connection with the movement of wine tasting in the beautiful countryside around Pálava. This small area of wine through several nature trails.



Lednicko-valtický areál



Lednice-Valtice Area is part of the UNESCO Register of World Cultural Heritage Sites from 1996. It is only about 7 km far from the town of Mikulov. Majestic castles are surrounded by extensive gardens. Modified flower-beds are covered by carpets of flowers. Wavy hides of golden fields merge into greenish forests. Romantic landscape is decorated by ponds, which are dotted with gleaming levels of waterlilies. There are many beautiful buildings along the well kept paths. All this has been created by Lichsteinstein family, hand in hand with nature.
Valtice Castle
The Valtice Castle was built not far away from a medieval castle, already mentioned at the end of 12th century. The castle belonged to the Seefeld family. When the demesne had later been acquired by the Lichtensteins, they built here a renaissance castle. The contemporary baroque building was commenced, at the end of 17th century by Charles Eusebius of Lichtensten educated of this mighty aristocratic family, who had enjoyed travelling.
Lednice Castle
Originally a Gothic water fortress was rebuilt into Renaissance chateau in the 16th century. It was rebuilt into Baroque style during the reign of Karel Eusebius and according to the plans of Jan Bernard from Erlach in the second half of the 17th century. Lednice Castle is one of the most visited castles in the Czech Republic. It is the supreme work of English Neo-Gothic in our countries.
The building was established according to the project of architect Hardmuth in years 1798-1802 during the reign of Alois Josef I. from Lichstenstein. The Minaret is 60 m high. 302 stairs leeds to the upper gallery. There is an excellent view of the park and floodplain forests along the river Dyje.




Johann´s Castle
This is a romantic replica of the ruin of a knight´s castle. The construction was started under the project of Hardtmunth Josefp by Prince Alois Josef I of Liechstenstein in 1801, however, he died in 1805 and the construction was finished by his one year younger brother - Jan I. Joseph Prince of Liechtenstein three years later (1808).

Apollo temple
In the years 1817-1819 J. Kornhäusel built this Empire Apollo temple on top of sand dunes over the Mill pond. The relief under the central dome is showing the origin of ancient Muses accompanying the God Apollon on his Sun chariot drawn by four horses.
Three Graces
In 1824-1825 was built classical Calete, according to the central theme of the sculpture of Martin Fischer called The Three Graces, near the southern shore of the Mill pond. Inside the internal arc of a terrace were placed statues of science and muses from the disestablished temple of the Muses by Josef Kliebera.
Simulating the Triumphal Arch in Rome, the monument in the midst of the old forest giants, was used by John I and his guests as the place of hunter´s breakfasts during the numerous hunting events, held in an extensive hall across the entire floor of the building. The relief and figural decoration was carried out by the sculptor Joseph Klieber.

Colonnade is also called Reistna. Valtice architect Josef Popellach built it after the example of the Schönbrunn Colonnade in 1810-1817. It is offering a fabulous panoramic view of Mikulov, Palava hills, alluvial forests, Lednice, and Moravian field in Austria.
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